Extension Educators are Transitioning to Telecommuting & Remote Delivery of Programs.

At this time our UW office remains open to the public, Karalee & Amanda are on site. All educators will be working from home; Extension Educators are transitioning to telecommuting (via Email & Zoom) and remote delivery of our programming. This move is consistent with public heath guidance to limit exposure. Guidance from UW-Madison Division of Extension is for educators to work remotely as possible through at least April 10.
For those wishing to hold meetings via Zoom (video chat) please reach out to the Extension Office, we are more than happy to accommodate. For all other inquiries please call the Extension Office for questions or concerns at 715-627-6236.
Karalee Brock,Lead Program Assistant karalee.brock@wisc.edu
Amanda Budzenski Program Assistant budzenski@wisc.edu
Art Lersch,Area Extension Director art.lersch@wisc.edu
Holly Luerssen, 4-H Program Coordinator holly.luerssen@wisc.edu 
Daniel Marzu, Agriculture Educator dan.marzu@wisc.edu
Cole Lubinski,Research Station Manager clubinski@wisc.edu
Elizabeth Meyer, Food WIse Educator elizabeth.meyer@wisc.edu
Carrie Kubacki,Health and Well Being Educator carrie.kubacki@wisc.edu
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