4-H and Fair – A Winning Combination!

YES! 4-Hers can participate in the fair!

As we continue to make strides toward reclaiming the activities that we all missed last year and the fair is at the top of the list!  4-Hers CAN participate in the fair, so start planning now!

The following are common Fair questions, answered by the Extension:

Can a 4-H member participate as an exhibitor at a local fair or the Wisconsin State Fair with the current Extension COVID guidance?

4-H members and volunteers may participate at local fairs.  4-H members may also participate as individual exhibitors.  When participating as an individual exhibitor 4-H program rules do not apply.

Are 4-H members covered by 4-H accident insurance if they show at the local fair?

Accident insurance for 4-H members is not required but strongly recommended for county 4-H programs to purchase a policy.  Each county 4-H program that carries member accident insurance should check with their provider to determine what types of programs and activities are covered.

Can 4-H resources be used to support fairs?

4-H clubs and groups may continue to support fair operations (continuing past practice in support of providing educational activities.) 4-H clubs and groups may:

  • loan equipment to the fair, such as tractors, benches, etc.
  • purchase additional ribbons, trophies, plaques for youth awards
  • provide funds to hire judges experienced in providing educational feedback to young people.

Can 4-H Programs or Activities be held during local fairs?

Yes, the Extension current COVID-19 policies allow for official 4-H club and group programs or activities to take place during fairs as long as those programs or activities follow the social distancing and face-covering guidelines listed here.

You can find the original FAQ here.

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