4-H Horse & Pony Project


The horseless horse project is designed for those 4-Hers who have an interest in horses, but do not own or lease a horse. Some 4-Hers may have an interest in purchasing or leasing a horse but would like to learn about the care required before taking on this responsibility. Others may not be able to make purchasing or leasing a
possibility, but would like experiences in learning about horses.
Project objectives include:
• The opportunity to learn about the horse
• Gain knowledge of major breeds, colors, gaits, and safety
• Enhanced appreciation for the value of the horse and an understanding of the care requirements
• Development of sportsmanship, responsibility, cooperation, decision-making, and public speaking skills


Horseless Horse classes MUST only be entered by a project member who meets the following
criteria. (It is strongly suggested that each county follow this guideline for their fair classes to
avoid confusion when entering the State 4-H Horse Expo.)
1. All horseless horse exhibitors must wear an SEI approved equestrian helmet when
2. A horseless horse project member is defined as a 4-H member who has no one on one
access to a horse. They do not own their own horse. Their family does not own or lease a
horse. (Cloverbuds may not be horseless project members.)
3. Horseless horse project members MUST show only in horseless horse classes.
4. The horseless horse person must be working with a current 4-H horse project member
(Buddy) or leader. The same horse may be shown by both members. This is the only
horse the horseless horse member may show. (Two Horseless Horse members may NOT
show the same horse.)
5. The “buddy” may not be a sibling that resides in the same household. (If two siblings are
showing the same horse, that is family owned or managed, both siblings are classified as
horse project members.
6. Horseless horse members are expected to work with the horse owner, 4-H horse member
or leader to learn about the horse, (including grooming, clean up, tack, riding, etc.).
7. Horseless horse members are expected to participate in horse project activities.
8. There are no fees regarding the normal care and upkeep of the horse (feed, farrier, etc.)
charged to the Horseless Horse 4-H member by the Club, County, buddy or owner.
If fees for the normal care of the horse are charged to the 4-H Youth this would be
considered a Managerial Project or leased animal NOT Horseless Horse. Contact your
County UWEX Office for specific rules regarding these project areas.
The following 4-H horse members are NOT considered horseless horse members:
1. They own and are showing their own horse or show a leased horse.
2. They are showing a horse owned or leased by a family member. (Two family members may
show the same horse – see Expo Rules & Class List “General Rules for Horse Show”.)
3. They are showing a horse that is owned or leased by someone other than a current 4-H
horse project member or leader.
4. Leased or Managerial: Defined as a youth who exhibits a horse that no other 4-H Horse
Project youth is using and that is owned by someone other than the exhibitor or a family
member of the exhibitor. The youth is responsible to ensure the horse is taken care of
properly. Contact your county UWEX Office for specific rules regarding these project areas

Managerial Project Agreement Forms

2020 Horseless Horse Project Member Agreement

2020 owner-mentor release-Langlade County Horseless Horse Project

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