Family Financial Management & Consumer Education

Managing Between Jobs

UW-Extension developed a series of 16 publications that present valuable strategies for dealing with job loss or a drastic reduction in income.  Get help setting spending priorities, keep a roof overhead, finding another job, and more.


Community agencies that can help

Deciding if bankruptcy is an option for you

Deciding which bills to pay first

Helping children cope

How you can help when mom or dad is unemployed

Keeping a roof overhead

Looking for a job- Watch out for scams

Making the most of what you have

Meeting your insurance needs

Setting spending priorities

Starting your own business

Strategies for spending less

Taking care of yourself

Talking with creditors

Where to go for help finding a job

Money 2000

Money 2000- Organizing your financial records

Money 2000- Taking control of your spending

Money 2000- Tracking your spending

Money 2000- Using power payments to pay off debt

Links to Other Financial Management Tools

American Savings Education Council:

Federal Trade Commission:

Social Security Administration:

The Investors Clearing House:

National Endowment for Financial Education:

Resources for Consumer Information from the Federal Government:

Financial Help for Everyone:

Family Living Educator:

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