Market Animal/Livestock

Animal Mandatory meeting took place November at the Langlade County Fair Grounds, Clover Room. 6:30 p.m. If you were unable to make this date , you must review your project literature and present what you have learned to the Market Animal board. Presentations must be done by April 1, 2019. for more details call the 4-H office at 715-627-6236.

The 2nd Mandatory meeting will be in July, all youth and a parent/guardian must attend this meeting. Failure to attend will result in not being able to sell their animal.

2018 February Minutes

2017 September Minutes

2017 March Market Animal Meeting Minutes (1)

2017 January Market Animal Minutes (1)

2016 May Minutes

2016 March Market Animal Minutes


Additional Forms

If you do not own your animal and wish to exhibit the specie at the fair you must fill out a managerial agreement between yourself and the owning party. The managerial form needs to be complete and submitted to the 4-H office by May 1st. If this is not completed you will not be allowed to exhibit the animal at the Langlade County Fair.

Managerial Agreement

Premise I.D.

Livestock premises registration means that any location where livestock congregate – family farm, hobby farm, backyard poultry flocks, veterinary clinics, markets, livestock feedlots, livestock dealers and haulers – provides to a central database an address, contact person and list of species. The location gets a unique number. Our goal is to be able to trace livestock movements within 48 hours in case of an animal disease outbreak, so we can find where an infection originated and what animals have been exposed. You must have a premise I.D.┬áto show at the Langlade County Fair.


Animal Specie Forms

These forms are due to the 4-H office with your fair entry forms by July 1st. you must complete one for each specie you are bringing to the Langlade County Fair. The form must include your premise I.D. number, proper state identification requirements for each specie. If you have further questions please call Karalee at the 4-H office or logon to:

beef information form

dairy information form

goat information form

horse information form

llama information form

poultry information form

rabbit information form

sheep information form

swine information form



Weigh-In Forms

These forms are required to be filled out by the family for the individual weigh-ins for beef, sheep and swine, please check the forecast for the following weigh-in dates. You must have your bill of sale for the animals as well as the premise Id from where you purchased the animal from.

Weigh-in Form – Beef 2018-2019

2019 Weigh-in Form – Sheep

Swine Weigh in Form