Virtual Spring 2024 Workshop Series

Free workshops on how to start or grow your small-scale food business

Learn tips for running and growing a successful food business from specialists and entrepreneurs! This no-cost series of online trainings is for food entrepreneurs and farm-based food businesses.;!!Mak6IKo!Pcjb5YVQB4u6nBSSDiPD8YQ-sFhy2c8Eb84GUTRYczZwIq-AVHw_HDoAR_o4Ob5oFHKAj0vN1nLLoSlAIdQOwptJ27yyDEYM$

The UW-Madison Extension Community Food Systems Program will provide no-cost virtual workshops for small-scale food and farming business start-ups during Mondays in April, from April 1st to April 29th. 
The sessions will cover topics such as:
* food licensing
* food trucks
* cooperative businesses and partnerships
* social media best practices;!!Mak6IKo!Pcjb5YVQB4u6nBSSDiPD8YQ-sFhy2c8Eb84GUTRYczZwIq-AVHw_HDoAR_o4Ob5oFHKAj0vN1nLLoSlAIdQOwptJ24AucBc6$
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