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4-H Clubs must have a 4-H charter. The 4-H Charter formally recognizes a group’s affiliation with 4-H and grants the group permission to use the 4-H Name and Emblem. It provides the permission for the 4-H club to be a subsidiary of National 4-H Headquarters and eligibility for federal tax exemption status. All 4-H groups and committees that use the 4-H Name and Emblem and handle finances and have a checkbook must be chartered. This includes accepting donations and fundraising.

As you work through completing the Annual Charter Application we encourage you to facilitate discussion and involve your membership in the process. This is an opportunity to actively engage members to be themselves, build connections, explore new opportunities, belong together, discover skills, and give back to their community through the Wisconsin 4-H Movement. Learn more about The Wisconsin 4-H Movement – Wisconsin. 

Annual Financial Reports are due to the Langlade County Extension Office by September 1st.  You may drop them off or email them to

Charter Application

Annual Financial Report

SMART Goals help sheet

Financial Audit Checklist

4-H Inventory Worksheet

Income/Expense Spreadsheet for 2023: *Download for your own editable version or make a copy in your drive. Helpful for keeping track of income and expenses throughout the year.

Consider updating your by-laws for more up to date processes!

4-H Excess Funds & 5-Year Plan

Wisconsin 4-H Policies

Any activity considered “High-Risk” MUST be reviewed and approved with the local 4-H Program Educator.    

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