Corn Pricing Aids for Farm to Farm Sales

The ability for farms to sell crops to other farms creates opportunity for both farms to have positive return on the transaction.  How?  By agreeing to a price that is in between what the seller would receive commercially for their crop and the buyer would have to pay for that same commodity, both net a better overall price.  It also allows fields which were intended as dry grain to be utilized by a livestock farm when maturity or other issues arise in the field.  

Selling a field is not difficult, but setting a truly fair price and understanding how that fits into the current market takes a little bit of work.  Two resources that are available for producers are the Excel files linked below.  One assists in setting a price for corn silage sales and the other allows an easily calculated price when selling high moisture corn.  They easily allow anyone to see what a ton of corn silage or harvested wet corn is worth at a given moisture content and value per bushel of dry grain equivalent.

If you need additional assistance in the processes of valuing corn, or other commodities, feel free to contact Regional Crops/Soils Educator Scott Reuss at or 715-732-7510.  Other resources that may assist in this process are located at:

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