Diagnostic Services

Wisconsin Insectshttp://www.entomology.wisc.edu/insectid/index.html

Wisconsin Weed Identification – http://weedid.wisc.edu/ (Click on Weed ID Tool)

Wisconsin Plants – Freckmann Herbarium http://wisplants.uwsp.edu/

Soil & Plant Analysis uwlab.soils.wisc.edu

Plant Diseasehttp://labs.russell.wisc.edu/pddc/

Turfgrass Diagnostic Labhttp://www.tdl.wisc.edu/

Plants Toxic to Animalshttp://www.library.uiuc.edu/vex/toxic

Specimen Intake: Dead insects or pictures only please

Please do not bring live bugs in to the Extension office.  Soft-bodied insects such as aphids, caterpillars, and other worms should be placed in alcohol. Hard-bodied insects should be placed in a zip-lock bag and frozen.  It is important that insects are not crushed and have all their parts intact for correct identification. Pictures of the insects can also be e-mailed to the agriculture agent or brought into the office for identification.

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Master Gardeners are trained volunteers who aid University of Wisconsin Extension staff by helping people in the community better understand horticulture and their environment.

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